Why this blog?

I have thought about many thing I could write about, I had a lot of great ideas but none of them where specifically what I wanted to do for a blog. So here I am, in a blog with 4 girls more and the whole idea was made by a simple coincidence of life.

We are a group of international girls, I mean, two girls are from Corea, one girl is from Venezuela, the other one is from Spain (where we are now, but from a town called San Sebastián), and I am from Ecuador. So we wanted to do something that might be useful for people in our same situation which is: studying abroad.

We all came here without any idea of how life was going to be in Pamplona. Because actually when you go on vacation to any country you get to know the place and stuff that might be useful as a tourist, but when you live in another country, things can get really difficult.

For example, when I first got here, I had no idea about what clothes to bring. I actually brought all winter clothes because all the information I had was that Pamplona is really cold. But when I got here, there was a lot of heat, I had to figure out a way I could use my winter clothes in order to not feel a lot of heat and also buy some clothes.

The objective of this blog is to help people with tips on how to survive in pamplona, we are going to write about little hacks for people who are coming here and don´t know how life is like, so we can make their experience a little easier.

For me it was really hard to come to a different country so far away from home, and also to search for everything around, to know where supermarkets are, what to buy, where to buy it and also the cheaper places. I´m new here, but I hope that the experiences I have here could help anyone to know how to survive in Pamplona.

Camila Baquero




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