New in university life?

University is something that creates uncertainty in all of us at least in the last two years of high school. In many cases it’s because it involves moving from our homes, either to somewhere in our own country or even to another one. And some of you will think that moving in your home country is not such a big deal, but actually I would say the biggest change is the step of living without your family and the people that’s always been around you.

So, in this blog, our basic intention is to help future students or people interested in student life in Pamplona with some tips that we find important and useful. In my case, my hometown is just an hour away from Pamplona, so, in the broadest sense of culture not much has changed for me. But coming from a small town to a bigger one, with a great university atmosphere and so many international students is quite a shock.

I guess my group mates will find things as food or weather the most shocking ones, as they come all the way from Corea, Venezuela and Ecuador. In my case, as I said, not much has changed, but I find those aspects really important when it comes to lifestyle. So, as a native of the country we are writing about, I can give you an internal vision about those topics. For instance, what’s the weather like in this part of Spain, which traditions do we have, what type of social life we have, what sort of things do young spanish people do in their free time… And also, tips about university life and this new city I’m starting to discover together with my new mates: Pamplona.

Alai Ormazabal



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