One step out of your bubble

I always thought of myself an adventurous and brave kind of person who is not easily frightened to try something new. This was all because I had such an extraordinay and fabulous life when I first stuied abroad in United States with my mother and sister when I was in 4th grade. All my classmates were so curious about me and were passionate and eager to make themselves friend of young Asian girl.

At that time, all I had to do was very simple: just getting used to the school and getting along with my classmates. So I just smiled at the every word my classmates said and I’m not sure if they knew that it was because I wasn’t that good at speaking English, but eventually we all became friends.

More than ten years have passed, and here I am again in a foreign city, this time without any of my family members – just all alone. Now there are so many things that I have to do other than making friends and going to school – renting a room, buying USIM for your cell phone, doing a laundry, shopping for groceries, cooking, etc. Before my arrival, I was confident that I can do all these things by myself without any problems.

But my expectations failed when I actually arrived. First, my Spanish skills. I am okay with listening and understanding what people say, but my speaking is terrible. Now I can’t just smile at what everybody says like what I used to when I was in the States because I have to make a contract for my piso and smiling doesn’t help at all. Second, no one is so eager to be a friend of yours. You can’t just sit quitely and expect other people to come to you. You have take one step out of your own little bubble.

So in this blog I want to describe how I stepped out of my bubble and how I survived in Pamplona by myself. I hope that these posts could help all the international students not just in UNAV but in all parts of the world.



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