Everyone is afraid of being new

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To be honest, I’m a risk-averse type of person. I don’t like to try new things or make new friends. Those awkward moments of every beginning stress me out. I have to try and fail several times in order to get used to new things. And I have to ask a series of questions that I’m not really curious about in order to break the ice. That was why I loved to do things I’m already good at and hang out with my good old friends. Now I’m a bit different.

It was quite recent that I realized most people are risk-averse as I am. Most people are afraid of taking risks, failing and being embarrassed. But some people dare to put themselves into new environments because they believe they will gain something unknown yet special after going through those awkward moments of every beginning that everyone hates. That faith makes them turn into risk seekers.

After graduating high school in Korea, I flew to the U.S. to study journalism at the University of North Carolina. Now I’m here in Spain as an exchange student at the University of Navarra. Whenever people ask me why I chose to study in the U.S. or Spain, I don’t have any plausible explanation to tell. Whenever they treat me as if I’m so brave that I travel all over the world on my own, I want to tell them I’m just looking for something that I would never be able to gain if I stay in my comfort zone. I don’t know what it is and I’m not even sure if it exists, but I’m just believing in my momentary decisions and struggling to survive.

This blog will give you some useful tips to survive in Pamplona. Read tips that I give you as one of your friends who are also struggling to survive. Then let’s enjoy what this new environment has given us!



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