A view from the inside

Here in Pamplona, I see and experience everything as an ‘outsider’, that is, from the perspective of a foreigner with different ethnicity and different cultural background. Thus it is inevitable that there is a gap between what I feel about every experience here and what the people of Pamplona feel.

So this week, before starting with my story in Pamplona, I want to explore some of the examples that has similar topics as mine. And this time I chose a blogger who spent her time in Korea as an exchange student to compare the distinct perspectives between an insider and an outsider, so that our blog can be a help to both sides.

The blog that I want to introduce today is the one by French student ‘Karine’ who studied in my own university – Korea University.


Overall, her blog focused mostly on the culture of Korea rather than her academic life in Korea University. She included many photos of Korean restaurants, exhibitions, tourist attractions, bars and etc., and also gave some details about her experience. She focused on her feelings about her visits around Seoul and at the same time including some tips for exchange students, such as ‘Finding Housing in Korea‘, ‘ARC and Visa‘ and some tips for traveling like ‘Don’t Forget the KR Pass‘.

Looking at her posts, she organized her experiences very well. The photos were very detailed and plenty to look through for any other foreigner who wants to gain some information about life in Seoul. And from insider’s point of view, there were places even I haven’t been – which could also help me. Now I know how to organize my posts for outsiders to take a better look and how to be a help to readers outside and inside Pamplona.


Kyoung Ju, Lee



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