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When I was deciding if I actually wanted to study abroad I had to do a lot of research and what I found out is that maybe I wasn´t making it the right way. I mean or course I found some interesting pages, but they where too general and I felt they all said the same. I wanted something different, like real advice from someone who is or has been in the same situation as I am, so, luckily, I found some blogs that might be helpful for you too.

CosasDeTriz: This is a YouTube channel. A girl named Triz uploads content about university life and how her experience is studying abroad. This one might seem like a boring and really simple video blog, but it´s actually really helpful. When I had to decide whether or not to come to Spain to study I saw one of her videos and it really shows how studying abroad affects you life in a positive and negative way too. So I really recommend her videos if you are not so sure about studying abroad. This is a blog made specially for students that are considering studying abroad or students who are already abroad. The posts are made by students that are in the same situation as you and you can easily relate to them and the posts; you can share you experience in this blog also.

Some posts I really recommend to read from this blog are:

8 Most Common Regrets Of Study Abroad Alumni

A Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Study Abroad Program

The College Tourist: Another blog in which you can find posts form everywhere and this one is also about trips you can do as a university student and helps you to know how to enjoy your college life as much as possible.

One of the articles that helped me the most is: 6 Tips for Making Friends Abroad

I am really shy, so if I go out of my comfort zone I panic. And studying abroad is way out of my comfort zone, so when I found this article I actually knew there´s people in the same situation as me.

And finally: The Study Abroad Blog is managed by Nate, an abroad student. It provides you with really useful information. In here you can find advice on how to travel and save money at the same time, general travel tips, how to settle in your host city and tips that students should know before going to study abroad.

I know that all this are blogs, but from my point of view is better to have information from a person who has experienced or is experiencing the same as you so you can relate to it. Some other webpages might be helpful too, it´s up to what you decide is better for you and what makes you comfortable, whether it is asking directly to someone who is already living where you are going or by watching videos or even reading blogs, like I did.

Wishing you the best of lucks,









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