Research more deeply about Pamplona

As you all know, the objective of this blog is to suggest you some tips you may need for living a student life in Pamplona. This week my colleagues and I wanted to post some links to webs and blogs that can be useful for you as someone looking for information about how we live in Pamplona.

First of all, a good page for you to get information about what is the geographical distribution of the zones in the city, the transport, activities etcetera is the official webpage of Pamplona’s Council’s touristic agency. Apart from all that information there are also all the last news, pictures and videos of the city.

Also, another good page not only for what to see and do in Pamplona but also in any place you are thinking of visiting. It is called “The Crazy Tourist”. It mentions the most known places and how to move and locate yourself in the city. Moreover it gives ratings and tips about where to eat typical food from Pamplona.

Besides, a good page prepared specifically for the erasmus life, called Erasmusu, will help you more in the student social life. It has information about places you can go, places where you can live, it is even good for searching for flatmates and part-time jobs if you are looking for a gap year abroad and pictures together with blog posts of students having experienced the place.

And finally, my personal favorite that I use for looking for information for every place I’m thinking of visiting is Pinterest. If the place you are looking for is very small, you may not find a lot of information as it links you to several blogposts related to your search. But if you look for a zone or county or a big city you will find so many posts about things you can do there, the prizes, the mobility, places to visit, food…

I hope this post will help you find even more information we may have not answered in our posts about touristic and social life in Pamplona and make your stay here more prepared and satisfying.

Alai Ormazabal



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