Linking you to Pamplona

The first step to do when planning anything is to look for information. Useful information is crucial when planning you exchange or your four-year career abroad, because there is a lot you need to be aware off. Hopefully the sites and links I´ll give to you will help you.

To make it easier I´ve decided to divide the sites in three groups: links about international students and exchanges, links about Spain (in a broader sense) and links specifically about Pamplona.


These three websites will give you a broad look of what studying abroad means.

I would like to start with  a must website, one no one can miss: International Student. The name is quite self-explanatory, it collects information for, particularly, US students going abroad; however what they transmit applies to everybody, so I highly recommend visiting this blog.

Next there is Nationality Unknown, a blog created for helping change students by sharing experiences. What I like about it is that is does not described the “perfect” days of exchange or living abroad, but it also touches themes like “homesickness”, which are so important. I find their post and testimonies useful and relevant.

Last but not least, GoEuro. Even though it may be known only as a travel app and website (plane tickets, trans, hotels, etc) their UK blog proved particularly useful when providing information about exchanges. Their post “50 Things I Wished I Knew Before My Erasmus Year” can help you set guidelines for your exchange. Since the post is built on actual experiences and comments of people, it feels more… truthful.


The first site I want to introduce to you is Spain Buddy. This website is specialized in providing information about Spain, its lifestyle, real-state prices, job opportunities, best restaurants in Madrid and the best clubs at Barcelona. Even though it is not addressed to students, studying abroad is, essentially, living abroad, so their information is quite important.

Now, unlike Spain Buddy, Patata Brava is a site addressed for students; it provides information about flats, about the Spanish educational system, tutors and, the best of all, actual note from lectures. This is for you to remember that you are here also to study!

The we have Third Year Abroad, a website that provides information about several destinations. In their spot about Spain they clarify the differences between the UK educational system and the Spanish one

Finally, we have Top Universities. In general I love this site, because it provides recent information about almost every single university in the world, their rankings are highly considered in top institutions and they also give information about the programs and work fields for your career. In this particular post you’ll find specific and useful advises for exchange students in Spain.


First we´ll see the websites for the general aspects of the city

Insiders Abroad is a website that provides information about cities in France, Italy and Spain. In their posts they include several geographic details about the region, ways of transformation from within the city to other places, job opportunities, hotels and flats and top 5 sites to visit.

Virtual Tourist is also directed for trip planning. However, as with the previous one, their information can be used for familiarizing with the city and their recommendations can help you to find your way around Pamplona like an expert.

Now, the following sites present the testimonies of different students whom have been here at Pamplona studying at UNAV.

Pamplona is a lovely city and it is even lovelier when you get to traverse it on a bike. BimBimBikes is a bike rental company and on their site they collected the testimonies of their clients (along with the options for rental). Lucky for us, an exchange student ran into them on the street, answered their questions and gave some advices.

I was really surprised when I found this: the The University of Washington has enabled some space in their website so students could share their exchange experiences. Within the page of the UNAV are several testimonies telling, not only how content they had been during their time in Pamplona, but also the obstacles they had to overcome and how they did it. Even though there is nothing like experiencing things in first hand, this a good way to approach the situation.

Last in this category is a Tumblr blog called WHEN YOU LIVE IN PAMPLONA. GIFs can condensed in milliseconds iconic gestures that are undoubtedly funny; however, when used surrounded by a context and serving a purpose besides producing laughter, they can be very useful. This blog uses GIFs for explaining what is like to live in Pamplona. Aside from hilarious I find it really useful for understanding the “pamplonica” idiosyncrasy.


Last but not least, I once again recomend you to visit the website of the UNAV (this is probably the millionth time I write this) so you can get all the information you need. They also include information about activities at the university.

-Maria Fernanda Callejón


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