Some useful websites to check out before you get out of your bed

Viajar y aprender español are two main goals of many exchange students including me. Although it is best to travel and learn Spanish by getting out of your bed, I understand it is a bit frustrating to leave your comfort zone without basic information. I’d like to recommend you a list of websites to check out before you get out of your bed and start your journey.


The number one reason why international students choose to study abroad in Spain is to travel. We all have been dreaming of chilling out in European cities every weekend. But as we know, we are on a tight budget. It’s hard to find the cheapest way to get to Paris or Amsterdam, the smartest route to travel Southern Spain and the best timing to buy Renfe or FC Barcelona tickets.

Maybe Matthew Kepnes is the best person to ask for help. He is the author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer and Smarter, the New York Times best seller, and now has a blog called “Normadic Matt” that provides typical costs and budget tips to travel certain destinations.


It seemed like a good idea at the time of deciding where to go for a weekend getaway.

It is always stressful to plan out your trip on a tight budget. This is a list of useful websites that I usually use to plan my trip in detail: Tripadvisor and Yelp to find out local restaurants with good reviews at reasonable prices; Rome2rio and Skyscanner to find out the cheapest way to book flight, train and bus tickets; and  Airbnb to book homes from local hosts.

Pinterest is another website that you can easily find out tips to travel with more photos and videos. Also, considering that Pinterest is a collaborative work of different users, it provides you various kinds of tips that can be never written by a single person. For example, if you put two key words “Spain” and “travel,” Pinterest gives you tons of different lists, including 10 beautiful villages you should visit in Spain, 20 free things to do in Barcelona, 10 best free things to do in Madrid and 8 epic reasons to visit Ronda Spain. I’m sure you’ll find some useful tips that enrich your trip.

Aprender español

Although we order menu at a restaurant few times a day and go to Spanish language classes two days a week, it’s not enough to improve our Spanish kills. Because it’s easy and comfortable to hang out with other exchange students who know how to speak in English, we tend to use English all the time — except when we are giving our order to a server and answering a language professor’s random questions.

Of course, the best way to learn Spanish while studying abroad in Spain is to hang out with Spaniards. But if you’re looking for additional ways to learn Spanish without leaving your bed, here is how.

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture. You can listen to Spanish songs, watch Spanish movies and subscribe to Spanish Youtube channels. Fluent U is a language learning blog that recommends you a wide range of multimedia contents to make your Spanish sound more real. It provides you numerous external hyper textual links, including YouTube videos, BuzzFeed posts and Spanish podcasts. You can choose your favorite multimedia platform to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and then leave your bed to hang out with your new Spanish friends.

As Fluent U recommended me a long list of Spanish songs that I must download, I’d like to suggest you one song, probably the one that you’ve been hearing everywhere you go after arriving at Pamplona. Let’s aprovechar this new environment thankfully given to us!



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