Online guide of Pamplona

Today I want to introduce some of the mobile applications and websites that helped me a lot when I first got here in Pamplona. Of course there are more information on the Internet or Google, but this time I am going to introduce some references that I used most frequently.

First I will start with a mobile application, which is Google Maps. In my own personal ranking, this gave me the most fruitful information of all. Other than it helps you find and navigate several ways to your destination, it contains information regarding the gas station, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, postal offices and other facilities nearby your location.

 (Screenshot images from Google Maps application)

   This application also gives reviews about many places – restaurants, bakeries, bars, etc. In addition, you can ‘save’ any place to remember for later. Some people suggest some applications like ‘Citymapper’ to find your way, but majority of the applications related to navigation only includes some big cities around the world. For instance, Citymapper doesn’t give information about Pamplona. Thus Google Maps is very useful for cities all around the world.

    Second is the website that I used often, which is, surprisingly, the page for International Students of Universidad de Navarra. Back in Seoul, while I was preparing for my departure, I collected most of my information on this page. If you surf on this site thoroughly, you can actually find very useful information on it. For instance, if gives you information about student visa, the buddy program, and many links that I can find my temporary housing, etc.

    I think these two are what I used the most as my online reference, other than asking my friends who have been to Spain or who are currently in Spain. Because Pamplona is not a big city, there weren’t so many blogs that I can make a real reference to. However, this application and website helped me a lot to settle in.

Kyoung Ju, Lee



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