Learn how to be savvy from the Savvy Backpacker

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 10.56.00 PM.png
A screen capture of The Savvy Backpacker’s blog

“Nobody cares about your blog.”

The number of The Savvy Backpacker‘s subscribers disproved this common sense in the blogosphere. Also, it has 13.5k followers in Twitter, 5.2k followers in Pinterest and 8,871 likes in Facebook.

Why do so many people pay attention to James and Susan’s travel blog? What makes it different from other travel blogs?

James and Susan are husband and wife from the United States who created this blog to give well-researched information to other backpackers who travel Europe on a shoestring budget. Unlike other travel blogs, they mainly focus on planning and preparing a trip instead of describing their personal experiences at several destinations.

As you can see, this blog has a category bar on the left that includes packing tips & lists, transportation, lodging & food, money and travel tech. For example, if you click packing tips & lists, you can see even more detailed, nitty-gritty tips — from the best travel backpack to the best travel underwear for men and women. It also includes product reviews of various travel gears, such as Osprey Farpoint 55, ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer and Icebreaker Legacy Coat.

What I found the most helpful from this blog was city price guides. I’m going off to Amsterdam tomorrow to meet my high school friends who are studying abroad in Netherlands. At a glance, I could gain all the information about how much it costs to visit Anne Frank House, drink a pint of beer at a grocery store and take a canal cruise. Without wasting time on visiting each website of tourist attractions or googling prices of cruise and metro, my friends and I could calculate the average daily cost for our weekend getaway to Amsterdam!

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.31.21 PM.png
Daily Costs for Visiting Amsterdam at City Price Guide category bar

If you scroll down this section, James and Susan give you a list of prices for Amsterdam attraction and museum, food, transportation, accommodations. You can choose which attraction to visit, which food to eat, which transportation to use and which accommodation to stay within the list and set a budget depending on your own financial condition.

There are many bloggers who tend to write diaries or works of literature in order to convey the emotions that they have felt at certain destinations. Although some readers might truly enjoy reading them, most readers wouldn’t without any photos, videos or practical tips.

Although the Savvy Backpacker doesn’t provide as many photos or videos as other blogs do, it is crystal clear about its purpose — giving practical tips to backpackers on a tight budget. Thanks to The Savvy Blogger, now I’m ready to hop on a flight to Amsterdam and also learned how to be a savvy blogger.



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