Take advantage of your trip!

So, I´m an abroad student here in Pamplona, as you may already know, but as an abroad student I also tend to think about this as a trip. I want to enjoy and take advantage of being here so I can get to know other countries, cities or even the city I´m living in. I want to know were I can find fun places, cheap and also nice restaurants, etc.

As the traveler lover I am, and I also know we all are, I founded a really interesting blog about a girl that travels around the world and letting her readers know where to find the most interesting stuff when arriving into a new place.

Resultado de imagen de the pin the map project

(Resource: Pin The Map Project)

The Pin The Map Project was created by Nikki, who is an independent traveler. She´s 20 years old and as she states in her blog entrance, the main things you should know are:

“1) I love to travel

2) I do not have a trust fund nor am rich

3) I am in my twenties”

In this blog you can find everything you need to know about traveling. You can finde the country and city you want to go and go ahead and search for the best prices and also a presonalized comment about it.



The purpose The Pin The Map Project is to show how you can enjoy a trip without spending too much mony and how to use all the time you have wisely.

Maybe this doesn´t makes much sense for an abroad student, but it does. You want to know how?

Maybe you are wasting time trying to find the best places to go buy food or supplies, Nikki has already been there and could tell you how to find them easily without wasting your time and also you can get a recommendation of what products to buy and where to buy them to the best price as possible.

Also if you are going on a trip alone or with friends you can find all the recommendations of what to take with you and also what to do when you get there. Sometimes is really difficult to find information about the places you are visiting, but with this blog it´s easier.

Nikki is an expert on traveling to new places and gather information, so maybe her tips and way of making things could give you an idea of what to do when you go to a new place and how to gather that information fast by yourself.

I recommend this blog post so you can make an idea of what Nikki´s blog is about:

3 Steps to Affording Travel without Credit Cards

Camila Baquero





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