Wander is wonderful

youngadventuress via Pinterest

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R Tolkien

This is, in my opinion, the most accurate quote to describe Young Adventuress with. Liz Carlson, a twenty-something woman from the United States, has been traveling around the world for ten years, sharing her experiences with others and providing helpful advice on several topics through her blog, including travel tips and blogging tips.

I and her 4.6k Pinterest followers, 22.6k Twitter followers, 31.310 Facebook likes, 165k Instagram followers and 100k blog readers, can agree that maybe not everybody, but some people do care about her blog. Filled with beautiful pictures and simple, yet compelling stories Liz posts instantly lead you to read another and, yet one more.

youngadventuress via Instagram

Despite having travelled through almost all Europe, she fell in love with Spain (who wouldn’t?) during her exchange year in Salamanca. After jumping from one place to another, she stayed in Córdoba (southern Spain) for a year and, later on, moved to Logroño (northern Spain).

One of the most valuables elements of her blog, and there are many, is her archive, which she divides in different categories. On her “Spain Travel” tab we will find… A PAGE FOR NAVARRE! This is pure gold, my friends. Of course, where there is “Navarre” there will be “Pamplona” too. So aside from all her exotic destinations and breathtaking photos, she has NINE posts on Navarre, several of which are from Pamplona (lucky us!). In those posts she describes San Fermines, several hiking trips in the surroundings and her first impression of the city. 

Screen capture from Young Adventuress

She already finished her “Spanish Phase” and is currently in New Zealand. I’m sure we’ll be dying of love with her next posts.

María Fernanda Callejón Ferrer



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