Instagram feedback!

How do we get young people´s attention?

Through social media, of course!

Sometimes we tend to search for information on the Internet, but multiple times we found out that maybe that´s not what we are looking for, or maybe it is but isn´t the way we want it to be presented. I know is really hard to read a bunch of words instead of havimg everything objectively defined in order to read it and know that´s what you were looking for, also in an entertaining way.

Most abroad students search for sites that can help them through this experience, but mostly what we find on social media are pictures about trips.

People expect that pictures about someone in a beautiful beach could help you in you abroad studying experience?

I don´t think so!

So here I have found an instagram account that haves everything all abroad students have been asking for:

ISA Study Abroad is an Instagram account that reunites a lot of pictures from all over the world with quotes that tells you who took the picture, and his/her experience in here. It unites the objectivity of the quote to tell you where the picture was taken and who had the experience there with the link to his/her webpage to read the full experience.


Picture from: ISA Today blog

So you can see what I´m talking about check this recent post out: No regrets in China

There are plenty more posts like that one, so the only thing you have to do now is search and find one you can relate to.

Camila Baquero



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