Sharing information on Facebook Groups

One of the first things I did when I got here in Pamplona was to sign up and follow the UNAV International Students group on Facebook.



 UNAV International Students 2016-2017 Group captured


As you can see from above captured picture, probably all of the international students of UNAV – including exchange student and regular students – are in this group. This is a ‘closed‘ group, which means that if someone wants to join, that person has to be ‘approved‘ by the members of this group. In addition, including all pictures and videos, all of the posts on this cannot be seen by other people who are not a member of this group.

This has certain benefit and weakness. The good thing is that most of the information on this group is credible – because the identity of every member is guaranteed. Also these information are practical and up-to-date. However, the fact that this group – and most of other international student groups by other universities over the world – is a ‘closed’ one is a weakness.

For example, a student who is planning to study in UNAV for next year cannot view the posts here when that student needs some information regarding the school and life in Pamplona. As an exchange student in Pamplona and with an experience of struggling with the preparation of exchange life, there are not much useful information out there about UNAV nor Pamplona. So some information on this group can be very helpful to people but since it is a ‘closed’ group, it cannot be reached.

Of course there may be some important reasons that this kind of groups are closed – the guarantee of identity, for instance – but it would be a lot more helpful to others if it improves more access to more people.



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