Media as a window to everything we want to find

As you, finders of touristic and lifestyle information, would have noticed, there is a big presence of cultural information share in social media. Information and interaction you can find about a place or country you want to know or you want to live in as an exchange student.

So, today I’m going to talk to you about what, for me, can be considered as every world citizen’s “Bible”, which is the most famous cultural, geographic and touristic book collection. Us, as students that share our everyday life with clashing cultures and customs, but we still want to know more and travel all around the world can be taught in a larger way by this collection which is nowadays covered in all multimedia platforms we can imagine. Lonely Planet is the one.

First of all, in the official web, we can find all the features the book covers as well as the shop and destinations they offer in the book. We can find all the media platforms and styles in which we can find the information covered by the book and also a classification of topics they teach us, such as, news, types of travel as family travel, adventure travel, insurance, budget, food, hotels, flights, inspiration, guides… It is a very complete site that gives you a really visual sight of everything you can find.

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-19 a la(s) 00.18.47.png

And of course, the company is also made known in all types of platform of media. For example, its official Twitter profile shows us in a specially visual way, using video or picture compilations with short caption or descriptions, the variety of cultures and countries we can find, showing us the features that would attract anyone interested in them.

On the other hand, the company is also available in a different format such as Instagram, where, again, everything is shown as visual as in its Twitter account but, added to this, posts about tips on traveling and different forms of travel and how to carry them out are also given. Apart from showing, as in other platforms, the places and cultures possible to visit with the guidance of their books, they share posts with mind maps of every step to follow when traveling abroad, either for a short vocational period or a longer one.

Besides, in their Facebook account, which differs from the style and design of the Instagram and Twitter formats, the content is covered in a more informational way. As in the web, the information is shared in news, entries and informative posts which are shared in their Facebook page, redirecting us to news and articles published in their official web.

And finally, another platform that covers the traveling issue I wanted to show you is their YouTube channel. For those who find looking for the information or reading articles or watching an enormous amount of pictures and want to go straight to the point, this is the best platform you can use in this type of content. By their short and concise videos, they show us all the hints about places they inform us about, about activities we can find and also about the process of preparing our journey.

I’m hopeful of having helped you with all the information about this fascinating agency that has informed and encouraged travelers for over forty years, showing you the typical social media tools we use for getting information or following topics we like in order to be informed in our everyday life.

Alai Ormazabal



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