“Hand Luggage Only” will make you stuck in their website

Hi, guys!

It feels as if it’s been forever since I went to a weekend getaway to Barcelona and Amsterdam. In fact, it was just two weeks ago that I was eating Manneken Pis fries in front of Amsterdam Central Station after looking around Van Gogh Museum early in the morning. But thankfully, as of October 21, 13 days have left for me to hop on a flight to London!

Never forget to try Mannekin Pis fries in Amsterdam

Anyway, today I’d like to introduce you (personally and subjectively) the best travel blog of 2016 — Hand Luggage OnlyThis blog is run by two British young men, Yaya and Lloyd, who decided to launch a travel blog on a whim in one Cambridge dorm room. Since one fateful day in April 2014, two playful travel lovers have gained 114,760 Facebook fans and 16, 183 Twitter followers, who are fond of their photos, videos and tips on everything about travel.

I’d like to point out their blog’s few interesting styles that distinguish it from other blogs.

1. Link Link Link!

One of the reasons why I said Hand Luggage Only will make you stuck in is that there are so many random links in the middle of the posts. So while you are reading “5 unique and off-beat places you have to experience in London,” it draws your attention to “11 amazing sights you have to see in Munich, Germany.” Their attempt to move your attention away from one to another might be annoying if you are reading scholarly journals or researching on work-related materials. But because it’s a travel blog that motivates you to travel, their random invitation to Germany or somewhere else makes you consider your next journey.

2. Photos and Videos

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 7.17.56 PM.png
Screen capture of Hand Luggage Only Instagram account

Despite what we readily expect, most travel blogs don’t have enough of high-quality photos and videos. But Yaya and Lloyd do bring all the multimedia contents that they can use in order to deliver the feelings that they have felt at certain destinations to their readers. For example, their Instagram account with 14.9K followers is the best place to look at some inspirational photos of exotic destinations. Also, although their Youtube channel has only 482 followers (the number of followers is relatively low compared to the one in other social media), it is always interesting to watch and listen to bloggers who are actually moving and speaking!

3. Food and Hacks

We all know it is important to treat ourselves with good food when we travel. Yaya and Lloyd put a separate category for food to give a list of local food that we must try and recommend us different kinds of restaurants — from food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants. Also they have another separate category for life hacks. Yaya and Lloyd casually provide us some practical tips to stop snoring or get cheap train tickets in UK as if they were our college friends.

These days I fully realize that time really flies here in Spain.

Let us be stuck in Hand Luggage Only for a while, decide a destination to throw ourselves in and start a journey that will enrich our lives. In retrospect, we’ll definitely miss this time of our lives.



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