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The past few days I was thinking about having a weekend getaway, sometimes I really feel like traveling and this weekend getaway became the three months break I have from university.

I knew it could be expensive, I mean, it`s three whole months! So I started researching and found this page that might help you if you are in the same situation as me.

Independent Travel Community for Indie Travel is a web page made for people who are searching for a long term travel, sometimes is for people who want to go all around the world or visit a certain amount of countries. It could also be helpful for people who are planning a short trip.

This web page allows you to know which places to look up to when you arrive your destination, also it helps you to find cheap places, like families receiving people from exchange, find cheap tickets, etc.

This web page also has made a large community, so if you are an indie traveller, the could be helpful to find people in the same situation as you are and get in touch with them.


Image from: Diana Glasser

I recommend you to visit this web page, maybe you`ll find it helpful because it contains information about everything you need to know, restaurants, bars, tourism, classes, residences, etc.

Sometimes because we are so exited because of starting a long trip we tend to forget about some important things. Where to stay, what to do, maybe some ideas for activities so you make the most out of your trip.

Here I leave you a very interesting post from this web page that can help you a lot if you are traveling and you need some advice in which tickets to buy in order to what kind of traveller you are (inexperienced, experienced, family, etc.):

Free Report on Round the World Tickets

I hope this web page can help you all indie travelers!

Camila Baquero



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