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The Blonde Abroad has been making some noise in the blogosphere for a time now, but Kiersten’s popularity has taken a large leap this year: winner of “Travel Blog Of the Year” 2016 by TCB Asia, articles published in The Daily Mail and BuzzFeed, 276k followers on Instagram, 55.754 likes on Facebook, 18,9k Twitter followers and 12,560 subscribers on YouTube, she is always creating content in different platforms for providing us with the best tips based on her vast experience as a solo traveler.

Screen capture of The Blonde Abroad’s Instagram account

However, there are many travel bloggers with a similar profile, Nomadic Matt and I am Aileen are two examples worth checking! So, what does it make The Blonde Abroad so special? I have chosen her because she does not provide the typical “fully practical” “100% pragmatical” tips for traveling, she ads her stylish touch and brings us fashion travel tips, best outfits for traveling — Fall Travel Style Guide: 2016 Edition —, best beauty products  for traveling — the Beauty Travel section in her Shop —and even her own line of products. For me this was crucial, not only because I do enjoy a stylish picture when traveling, but because she manages to mix the real world and the solo traveler world.

Screen capture of “Fall Travel Style Guide” 2016 edition by The Blonde Abroad

Many have been the times when I though “Wow, this is a good tip, but is too specific, is not something I would use in a different environment”. She manages to make traveling affordable and practical, without loosing connexion with reality. Think about it, here are three types of travelers:

  1. The classic stereotype of the tourist with the big camera, flip flops and socks, straw hats and some “I LOVE [insert current geographical location here]” shirt.
  2. The typical nomad with the giant backpack, confortable clothes and items hanging off the backpack
  3. Those masters of disguise, chameleons which integrate with their surroundings and even get confused with locals.
“They must be tourists” by Ed Yourdon

With her tips, you may be in this third group.

A second reason why I believe her work is remarkable is because her tips can be extrapolated from the intense-traveling world she lives in, and be used in regular basis. Since this is a blog about living and studying abroad, nomadic traveling may not always provide helpful advice. I hope that you find her advices useful and that you put them into practice!

-María Fernanda Callejón



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