go and try it!

In this last post I’d like to talk to you about my experience in blogging and share all the links to my posts I’ve uploaded in this involvement. As said in my first post, this blog we started in a group format was a university project for our multimedia communication class.

Honestly, I’ve always been a fan of all types of blogs or Youtube channels of individuals that by posting material on the internet, really good content, have reached a point in which they are more influential and successful than many enterprises or media companies. I’ve also liked video editing and photography so this multimedia communication project wasn’t the first time I though of starting my own account and publish content about things I liked and I was interested in. Aside from not knowing what my topic or field would be, I didn’t believe in myself as someone that could create something that could be interesting to other people. So, this assignment has been a kind of “excuse” to leave my doubts aside and try the experience.

I have to say I really liked the involvement. Not only for trying to make the best written content possible, but also, and mostly, for adding multimedia content such as videos, gifs and pictures and working on the design of the blog, changing its colors, making a logo and structuring the publications in the most appealing way. But aside from this, in the course, as we made our weekly publications, I’ve also learned some tips to improve the blog, to know how to share information and make the blog more practical using hypertexts.

So, for those who are doubtful on whether starting a blog or not, I would say: “Go and try it! Act and don’t think!” The sooner you start, the sooner you will gain experience on the format and you will dig more and more on what topic or things you want to center your blog. With time and trying different things you will reach a point where you will feel confortable and satisfied with what you are doing and focus your work and effort on that. For me the experience was encouraging and I look forward to starting my own blog any time, leaving my doubts aside and just trying it.

Here you have the links to my other posts:

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Alai Ormazabal



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