Dear reader: are you a listener or a teller?

What does it feel like? We all ask ourselves the same question when feeling drawn to something we haven’t done (yet). However, instead of just asking yourself this, why don’t you try it? For me it wasn’t a “free” choice, it was an assignment I was eager to start working on. I consider myself a shy person, I’m always worried about that will the other people say or think of what I do or don’t do, so I could never gather my strength and put myself out there, virtually stark naked for the world to see me. Now that I’ve done it, it won’t easy to go back.

How does blogging feel like? It’s addictive. Once you start you never want to stop. After you’ve taken the leap from intimacy to publicness, faced the blank page and posted the first entry, you feel compelled to keep going. On many occasions during this project I wanted to post entries about topics that didn’t have to do with our objectives, I wanted to post more than once a week, because telling became almost natural and it also, to write became a compromise for me. I believe all of this happens because we all like to listen and to tell stories, as simple as that; the main difference is in which side are you: listener or teller.

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Teller starter kit: notebook and pen, camera, inspirational quote / picture and a good book (by María Fernanda Callejón)

Will I be blogging after the semester is over and I don’t “have to” do it anymore? Absolutely. Will I be heartbroken the first months, year, if I don’t have any readers? Probably, but the beauty of blogging is not the followers or the acknowledge, nor the fame; is the process of sharing experiences, stories that may help someone, make someone laugh, or not, it does not matter. It is not about who’s behind the words in the screen, but who’s reading them, you.

When we write be think about you, dear reader, we think: what will be interesting? what will be useful? will they like it? will they look forward to it? Even though sometimes we may write to nothingness, there is always the hope that at least one pair of eyeballs we’ll be receiving your work, will be enjoying it and getting something out of it.

Now that I’ve taken my leap I want to go further and see more. And you, my dear reader? Will you listen or will you tell?

-María Fernanda Callejón Ferrer

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