Travel like a local, live like a traveler

I can’t believe it’s already been two months since I arrived at Pamplona. I got so comfortable that I don’t feel like a stranger anymore. I just went grocery shopping to Carrefour and watched two movies in my bed.

It’s good to feel like a part of the community, but at the same time, it’s a bit worrisome getting used to the environment. I once read that it’s important to travel like a local and live like a traveler. Maybe it means that when we travel a town, we should act as if we’re living in that town by going to a local restaurant and wasting little time sitting at a local park. And when we go back to our home, we should live as if we’re still traveling by trying out new things and getting impressed by any trivial stuff. Although I’m now in the middle of the state between a local and a traveler, I don’t want to either lose the quiver of excitement I first felt at Pamplona airport or feel like an outsider who wanders around Spain. It’s a bit hard to make a balance between the two, but I could learn how to manage it from inspiring travel bloggers. They didn’t just give me travel tips but also taught me how to enjoy every opportunity given in my life.

Of course, I miss my family, my friends and Korean food. Sometimes I really want to go back to my home. But I know I will definitely miss this point of my life whenever I get tired of my routine back in Korea and the United States. Four days have left for me to hop a flight to London. Next may be Portugal. It’s time to travel like a local because I’ve been living like a traveler in Pamplona for three weeks (I’m going to go to churreria at casco viejo tomorrow morning to eat churros for breakfast!)

Lastly, following links are my six blog posts about tips for exchange students. Hope you get some tips to enjoy every day of opportunity during your stay here in Pamplona and everywhere else in this world!

This is too good to be my way going to the school, right?

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