Picture of a statue in Plaza de Sol in Madrid


It’s already nearly the end of November now and my exchange life in UNAV and Pamplona is heading toward the end. I had such a great time during my stay here in Pamplona. I traveled around a lot – Bilbao, San Sebastian, Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Geneva, Interlaken, Luzern, Lyon, Paris, Lisbon and London. I wouldn’t have had a chance to have these wonderful experiences if I didn’t come here as an exchange student.

This blog was created by 5 international students (including me) to provide fruitful information to other students about our not-so-much struggling life in Pamplona by the time that I started my life in Pamplona and came along with me since. It helped me to reflect on my experience in Pamplona and gave me some idea about how to provide useful information to people who need it.

More than that, this blogging experience gave me the opportunity to deeply reflect upon how to find, utilize and share useful information in today’s overwhelming flow of information. It was a great experience and based on this experience, I will continue on with my personal social networking. Thank you Pamplona and thank you UNAV!



Picture of streets in Casco Viejo of San Sebastian

All the pictures are taken by myself with my own camera.


Story of my personal connection with the topic

A relevant case study

Main online sources and references for our topic

A prominent figure in this topic area

How social media cover your topic

The best work on the topic in 2016



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